Stop Right There!

You've downloaded a mod from an unofficial unauthorized site!

So What?

Sites like,, and many others, are known for reuploading mod files without permission from the authors. These sites will also contain a bunch of ads, to try to make money from mods they did not create.

These sites will use various methods to appear higher in Google when you search for the mod name, so a lot of people will download mods from them instead of the proper place. If you were linked to this site, you're one of these people.

For you, as a player, this can mean any of the following:

Know your choices:

Official Sources
Unofficial sources
Always contain the latest versions, with the most recent features and bug fixesYesNo
Mods are always for the correct versions they're said they areYesNo
Supported by the authors of the modsYesNo
Safe from malware or virusesYesNo
Pays the mod authors for their hard work, without you having to spend any moneyYesNo

What do I do now?

The most important thing to do now is to make sure you stop visiting these sites, and get the mods from official sources. We also recommend you do the following:

Where do I get mods now?

Here's a bunch of links to places where you can download official versions of mods, hosted by their real authors:

This doesn't mean other sites aren't legit. If you have trouble telling which ones are, the StopModReposts plugin will do it for you (check the previous section). In general, the first place to look for a mod is the Minecraft CurseForge, so look there first.